Why you should monitor your APIs .

APIs are playing an important role in the functioning of the technology world. Many important and critical websites and apps are powered by APIs. This faceless technology which helps in the secure exchange of data or getting access to 3rd party services has proven to be a game-changer for many companies. In such a scenario it is natural that these APIs are constantly monitored and improved.

Below are the big reasons you should monitor your APIs

1. Prevent Business loss: APIs perform critical processes. If these processes are not being performed properly or are encountering errors, this can lead to direct business loss. For example, if a payment gateway service fails this can directly impact the business of the company. Similarly, say a ticket booking service is down, this can lead to loss of business as customers won't be able to book.

2. Prevent Brand Dilution: Software is never 100% error-proof. Sometimes your APIs will break. In such a scenario it becomes important to fix the issues as soon as possible. Monitoring helps you to know about these issues before the customers tell you. If you fix them quickly, It is possible that not much damage will be done to your brand.

3. Improve Customer experience: Customer experience matters. If the customers of your APIs aren't happy with the service they can surely look for a better solution. Being on top of the metrics like response times, error rates, usage can help you measure how good are you performing, on things that matter to your customers. As it is said, the best way to grow is to retain your existing customers.

4. Design Tech Roadmap: If you are regularly monitoring your APIs, you will know the answers to the questions like, is the response time increasing or decreasing over time? Is the load on the system increasing or decreasing over time? Do we need to increase server capacity to serve more customers? Do we need to change the design of an API ?. Only If you know the bottlenecks in your APIs will you be able to build a meaningful roadmap which improves your APIs

5. Deploy with confidence: Modern software changes multiple times every day. Changes can lead to breakages, so it is advised to monitor the system especially after a big change . Monitoring tools can help you do that without making it a cumbersome affair. Thus you are confident that everything is under control.

It's recommended that monitoring of the APIs should be taken as seriously as their development. Once in production, the APIs are in the sensitive territory. There are many tools available to do monitoring of APIs. In the next blog, the most useful ones will be covered.

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