Values of monitoring your application

So after building Apio, we are using it to monitor Apio itself( monitor-ception). Over this time, we have found the following unusual benefits.

1. You feel relieved that there will be no issue that will go unnoticed. So you can be relaxed that you are on top of the issues.
2. You see some URLs been hit that seem like a security threat. You can do something about them by blocking those I.P addresses but most of the time they are not dangerous. But again your increased visibility helps you make a decision.
3. The performance bottlenecks of the app can be easily seen so we know which URLs need more work.
4. The impact of different marketing efforts can be easily seen, with the increase of the traffic inflow easily visible in the request count
5. There is a log of all the URLs being hit so you can be sure if a particular URL of interest says is being hit or not. This means people are visiting signup but aren't signing up so there is some reason. Which you can find out.

As we are exploring apio more we are feeling confident that this can really help in enhancing the information about our application's usage to us in a clear way. Slowly this might enter into the stack of most essential tools for any application(server-side).

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